7 Geneina Gathering Sites Overview (November 2022) mới nhất


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Geneina locality hosts the largest concentration of Internally Displaced People (IDPs) in West Darfur. Since January 2021, renewed conflict in and around the locality doubled the number of IDPs in Al Geneina town, totaling 83,017individuals. People fled in multiple waves following major attacks on villages and displacement camps. Many were attacked and displaced more than once.

In Al Geneina town, displaced population have remained stranded in so-called gathering sites, which are makeshift urban settlements located in government buildings and on private lands. Chronically underserved, the gathering sites present dire living conditions, well below the common humanitarian standards.

Due to insecurity, attempts to relocate IDPs out of the gathering sites have been challenging. In April 2022 after Kreinik attack, relocations efforts from the gathering sites to Krinding camps were interrupted by renewed fighting. An estimated 40,561 IDPs who had attempted to relocate to Krinding camps fled once again back to the gathering sites.

The mounting needs of IDPs in gathering sites must be addressed immediately, while pathways to safe, durable and dignified relocations are explored.

This dashboard highlights key humanitarian gaps and needs across Al Geneina’s gathering sites and will be updated regularly to inform the humanitarian response.