7 The special delicious taste of Phu Quoc Fish Sauce mới nhất

Phu Quoc is the largest island in Vietnam. It is part of Kien Giang province, has a total area of 574 square kilometres (222 sq mi) and a permanent population of approximately 85,000. The district of Phu Quoc includes the island proper and 21 smaller islets. The district seat, Duong dong, is located on the west coast, and is the largest town on the island. The economy is centered on fishing, agriculture and a fast-growing tourism sector.

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The Phu Quoc brand of Nuoc mam (fish sauce) is well known not only from North to South in Vietnam but also around the world, thanks to its delicious taste (Read Phu Quoc fish sauce wins Vietnam’s first origin recognition from EU). There are hundreds of firms manufacturing nuoc mam on Phu Quoc Island, from households to big companies, all with their own specific secrets. However, they all have one thing in common in creating Phu Quoc fish sauce. It is that most of fish sauce originating in Phu Quoc is made from ca com (anchovy). The anchovies are mixed with salt with the rate 7:3, meaning that each 10-ton barrel needs seven tons of anchovies and three tons of salt. The anchovies are then transported straight from the fishing boats into wooden vats where they are arranged in layers. The top layer is covered by bamboo grates with rocks on them to press the fish and contain them in the liquid that oozes from the mixture. The wooden vats tied with ropes is imperative for the fish sauce to have a healthily, natural flavor and color, and the fish must be fresh; dead fish would produce a horrible smell that would ruin the fish sauce. It takes from ten months to one year for the concoction to give off its juice.

7 The special delicious taste of Phu Quoc Fish Sauce mới nhất


After a period of fermentation, a valve at the bottom of the vat is opened for the liquid to flow. The first issuance of the liquid is called “nuoc mam nhi”. This is the tastiest and most expensive sauce. It is very pure and has the reddish brown color of whisky.

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If ever have a chance to visit Phu Quoc, it is easy to find a local shop selling this specialty. Those to people in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh city, big super markets such as BigC, CoopMart, FiviMart can be good choices.

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