7 Tips for traveling Tay Nguyen – Vietnam mới nhất

The December is an wonderful time for tourists going to Tay Nguyen because at this time it takes place many festivals and the wild sunflower is blooming bright yellow.

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Coming to Tay Nguyen without drinking Can wine (wine drunk out of a jar through pipes), it can be seen as you do not come to Tay Nguyen. However, each ethnic in Tay Nguyen has different culture of wine drinking that visitors should find out. Xo Deng people have regulation: before drinking, homeowners put sliced chicken liver on their ears of jar and pray godhead. Village patriarch is always the first drink. The guests are often invited to hold pipe first, but the guests should re-invite the village patriarch or homeowner. With H’Re people, when everyone was sitting around the wine jar, homeowner will stand, take a blade of rice traw on the roof to pitch in the wine jar (symbolizing for inviting the sky and ancestors to drink first), then pour the water. If homeowner fill water in full of jar mouth, which is how to express respectful with visitors. The guests must be drinking invited wine as expression affection. Typically, it will appoint a host for each wine drinking time. The wine pipe is constantly transferred from on person to another. Who do not drink, must use finger to tip head of pipe.

7 Tips for traveling Tay Nguyen – Vietnam mới nhất

The tourists should know many other customs. Ede long house has two stairs, female one for women only and the male one for the guests up and down. The top of the stairs is roughly same as the ship’s prow, the below has a crescent moon and female breasts that symbolize matriarchy. The male stair is much smaller and is located away from the left side, using for men in the family up and down. Normally, the quantity of stair step is odd number such as 3, 5, 7 (7 is the most figure of Ede people). If visitors want to know how many girls in the family, let’s look at the window: number of windows is corresponding to the number of daughters. Closed window means that the daughter has not “caught husband”, and also opened window means the daughter has already “Caught husband”.

House in Tay Nguyen - Vietnam

The December is an ideal time for tourists coming to Tay Nguyen because at this time it takes place many festivals and this is the golden wild sunflower season. In the chilly air exchanging from Autumn to Winter, blooming wild sunflowers is increasingly the beauty of a mysterious land, so that the wild sunflowers is consider as forecast flower the winter is coming.

Tay Nguyen has many streets on the slope. When traveling, tourists should bring flat shoes, soft shoes having many thorns to keep climbing, you should get 2 pairs of socks, one thin socks is inside (should not get plastic socks or paper socks inside). You should use soft socks that are easy to absorb sweat, one pair of long socks to cover up outside to avoid mosquitoes. Using two pairs of socks will reduce the palm of shoes on the feet, prevent skin blistering. The guests also choose clothes in type of sweat absorption, you will feel more comfortable when moving.

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Wish you have a safe trip!